Dear Parents and Students,

It’s time for the HILLCREST HALL OF FAME READING CHART challenge to begin for the 2018-2019 school year!

Students will select their own books under each genre (classification).  After reading the book, the student will write the title of the book along with the author’s name and also the number of pages.  A parent or teacher should sign the paper verifying the student has read the books.  With the exception of kindergarten, students should read the books themselves.  However all grades can have two books read to them.  Students should read books that are “just right” for them.

Once the chart is completed, your student may turn it into the librarian and they will receive a book prize for their first chart.  Your student may finish as many charts as they wish, however, a book will only be awarded for the first chart.  At the end of the school year, there will be an award for those who turned in at least one and also for those who completed the most charts at each grade level.  Remember, they only need to turn one chart in to become a member of the Hillcrest Reading Hall of Fame.  Each completed sheet should be turned in right away to avoid last minute confusion and disappointment.  They must be turned in by May 12th, 2017. Reading charts can be downloaded and printed from the links below.

The students who complete at least one chart each year and every year will then become part of the “Hall of Fame Readers”.  Their names will be engraved on a plaque that hangs outside the library.

We feel this program will encourage students to come into the library more often and increase their love of reading.  They will have the opportunity of choosing books at their level and interest. 

I am excited about this program and hope you will be as well.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call, Edy Buss, 801-610-8110.

Reading Charts:


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade